Personal Fitness Training & Massage Therapy

Our trainers, who are all NASM certified (National Association of Sports Medicine), focus on treating your body holistically, concentrating on alignment, balance and proper movement. Aside from their own formal training, our own Internship Learning Program helps our trainers learn the same specific approach to service all our clients.


We  first must asses what is holding your body back in order to correct your problem. From there we then move on to helping you build strength, stability, and balance. Our motivating exercises will help you enjoy your workout, and keep your mind engaged while your heart is pumping and muscles are building.


Some of our specialties include:

*Improving posture through isometric/isotonic exercises

*Pain release/elimination through self myofascial release

*Proper movement techniques

*Balance, strength and power training

*Injury rehabilitation


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Knowing which food is best to fuel your body properly will improve your daily life. Good nutrition is the key to being proactive with our health; it is also the single most important factor in achieving your health and fitness goals. You work out only a few times a week, but you eat at least three times every day. The food choices you make will either support or sabotage your fitness goals.


Rosa our certified nutritionist can set you up with a unique program to help you lose weight while gaining energy. At Positive Change Fitness, we want to help each of our clients move away from "dieting" or depriving oneself to becoming a centered, aware person who lives a healthy, balanced life.

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Offered Products




-Flax seed oil



-Vitamin D

-Multi vitamins

-Protein shake (22.75 oz)

-Sports top bottles

- Relief


-Detox kit


-Slender aid






-3' Long, 6" Round

-1' Long 6" Round

-3' Long, 6" Half Round

-1' Long, 6" Half Round

Ask about specialty products not listed here.

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Founders Message

We all face stress in our lives. Our bodies respond to negative stress by tightening up in various places - neck, shoulders, back, etc. We are all far more skilled at tightening up than we are releasing this tension and stress. Eventually, the tightness, was a temporary response to the stress, which becomes our habitual state. We develop compensations in our bodies to deal with tightness and often, unknowingly, throw our bodies out of alignment causing repetitive damage to joints and muscles.

Positive Change Fitness trainers teach specific techniques for releasing tightness, and help you realign your body so movement is easy and natural. The boost in energy you will feel comes from effective, efficient movement. We will also show you how to respond to stress differently so tension can be relieved instead of trapped in the body.

At Positive Change Fitness our focus is on designing an individualized program that build and sustain your energy levels while helping to prevent long term injury and chronic ailments.

  • - Rosa Paniagua

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